Some Good Products for Syndrome X People

Unfortunately, for Syndrome X folks, sugar IS our enemy; there is no way around this fact of life. Also, it doesn't matter if the source of sugar is from a tablespoon of table sugar or from an orange; our bodies don't know the difference. If we eat too much sugar, our insulin levels go up, and we feel lousy and gain weight--rather rapidly, I'm afraid.

This is what I found most distressing about changing my diet and embracing low-carb; I love fruit, and I do miss it, even now. I also miss other sweet treats, such as ice cream and chocolate.

Well, some manufacturers seem to be sensitive to our need for sweets and the feel of orange juice, and I'm going to point out a few great products here:

1. Totally Light Morning Orange, by 4C. This is definitely NOT your mother's Tang. These to-go one-serving packets will turn any bottle or glass of water into a drink that looks like and tastes like real orange juice. Now you can fight back when your favorite restaurant does not sell non-carbonated and no-sugar drinks. This drink has no calories, no sugar, and no carbs and is totally portable. I'm in love!!!!

2. Endangered Species Chocolate. Dark chocolate is good for you, and the Endangered Species company offers some good options. These 3-ounce bars (15 squares) offer three servings (5 squares each): 6 carbs, about 10 fat, and approximately 150 calories each. You won't mistake it for a traditional chocolate candy bar, but it's pretty darn good. My favorite is the straight dark chocolate, though the cranberry chocolate runs a close second. Besides online, you can find these bars in the health food section of your grocery store (My local store sells the 2-3 serving bars for about $1.99).

3. Breyers Carb Smart ice cream bars. I couldn't get on the product website (For various reasons, I have disabled my Flash Media function--a lesson to companies to keep their websites simple), but I found this picture and nutrition facts. The company has also come out with some chocolate coated versions. Tastes pretty good, creamy and sweet. After calculating Sugar Alcohol, net carbs equal 3-5 carbs. Not low-fat or low-calorie, though: these bars range from 7-15 grams of fat and 100-180 calories.

One generic item I like: roasted sunflower seeds in the shell. I'd like to find a no-salt version, though I haven't looked real hard. I also like shelled roasted no-salt sunflower seeds; Giant sells a delicious version.

The odd thing about Syndrome X people: we can be less concerned about high fat items. Our major stumbling block seems to be carbohydrates. I continue to drop weight despite a higher fat and higher calorie diet, but not quickly. I have made a conscious decision to embrace a lifestyle diet that works and that I can stick with for the long haul.

For me, weight loss is secondary.

Best, Jennifer Semple Siegel

* * * * *